Friday, January 31, 2014

2014: Year of the Films

Well, there's the first month of 2014 gone, and I finally got Moonlight Art Magazine #2 out and available for free download. Click here so you can download it, too. 

Wonderful. So, as soon as I finish fighting off this cold, I'll be back to work on my film projects, which I actually have a fair few of. After having to recover from the theft of one of my computers and some sound equipment, I am now ready to resume the task of completing my short documentary When Hollywood Green-Lit Comic Con, which is about the impact that major movie studios have had on the comic book industry and its conventions. It will be available on You Tube as soon as it's done. I actually shot most of my footage for it in 2012, so I'll be happy to wrap that up.

I'm also glad to be starting work in earnest on another feature length documentary about the artists who bring you many of movies "in camera" special effects, called The Practical People, so stay tuned for more on that, soon.

Last (not really) but not least, I must confess that I'm still very heavily entrenched in the post production work on my all green screen, sci-fi, short film, Girl In The Window. It keeps taking a back seat to paying work, and I'm pretty much handling all aspects of this phase of the film by my self, much in the same was Ray Harryhause did, using miniature models, puppets, stop motion, and photo matte paintings, to create an entire futuristic world. Below, is a concept design peace, that I recently did, to better help me grasp how I'm going to handle the robotic aspects of the story. Special thanks to my daughter, who modeled for the pic. We had fun. Click the image if you'd like to buy a print...
Keep checking back, for more news on these projects and more, in 2014. Please, feel free to contact me at this link, if you'd like to hire me to add some magic to your project, too.

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