Thursday, January 24, 2013

2013 Show Reel for Christopher Moonlight Productions

Christopher Moonlight Productions 2013 Show Reel from Christopher (Moonlight) Cooksey on Vimeo.

Having trouble viewing the Vimeo version? Watch the You Tube version by CLICKING HERE.

It's been a busy and trying year for Christopher Moonlight Productions, with the completion of the Michael O'Kelly directed documentary, Live Forever: The Ray Bradbury Odyssey and the production wrap of my all green screen sci-fi short film, Girl In The Window (directed by Christopher Cooksey and Jeremy Hanes... now in post) but I wanted to make sure and get a few examples of my work on the web for 2013. Also on the way, Moonlight Art Magazine, featuring interviews and comics, which I show some of the pages of in this video, and at the bottom of this post.

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Thank you to Rich Goddard, who originally taught me how to use After Effects, and is always there to talk through the creative process with me. I couldn't have done it without him. Also, to Jeremy Hanes for being a brilliant an invaluable co-director. Also, to Michael O'Kelly for giving me permission to use footage from his authorized documentary about his friend Ray Bradbury in my reel.

 Special thanks also go to associate producers Jennifer Lewis, Jack Ritchie, Jackie Estrada, Batton Lash, Jonathan Levit, Heather Lowe, Michael T Malve, Cindy Ventrice-Pearson's son Hunter, and Courtenay Stallings.


If you missed my 2012 Show Reel, this is it, below...

Christopher Moonlight 2012 Show Reel from Christopher (Moonlight) Cooksey on Vimeo.

...and there's plenty more to see on this blog, so have fun and keep coming back. More exciting stuff is coming this year.