Thursday, November 1, 2012

1st Mr. Electrico Storyboards

Just a quick post showing my early storyboards from when Live Forever: The Ray Bradbury Odyssey was a stage play, meant to incorporate video (which you can read about by clicking HERE) with actors in the theater. This was for the legendary Mr. Electrico scene. Of course, this was before I knew that there was no money in the budget for "lovely assistants" or even an electric chair. I had to throw together one of those using a dinning chair, cardboard, and an aluminum lamp for the cap.

Dave Grave played Mr. Electrico back then, rather than Malcolm McDowell, but in my opinion he did a damn good job. We shot it in his back yard with a green screen with the help of Jeremy Hanes and producer Summer Potter and creator of the project, Michael O'Kelly. You can see these storyboards put into action in a pitch-viz video on THIS POST. It's the first video. Forgive the quality. I did it a long time ago.

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