Monday, October 22, 2012

First Still from LIVE FOREVER (and my Comic Con documentary)

Just released is this still from my work on Live Forever: A Ray Bradbury Odyssey, with Malcolm McDowell as Ray Bradbury's childhood idol, Mr. Electico.

This is a moment where the two characters are flying through space (I won't give everything away) and go in front of the sun. I'm only one visual effects artist and I had about four weeks to do what should have had four months, but that's Hollywood, and I think it turned out well for the deathly deadline I had. The two actors were shot on HDV tape in front of a green screen, the bucket they're sitting in is a model, the books were also shot DV on green screen, and I had to do the rest. Can't wait to see how it looks on the big screen.

Below are some stills from my upcoming mini-documentary
(it's going directly to You Tube, where you can watch it for free)
Here's David Mack, in his interview for the movie. 
Since this was all shot with two very cheep little consumer style video cameras, with no additional sound equipment, I knew I had to do something to really liven up the footage I shot. I decided to go black and white, with dashes of color, and do what I could to make the footage look like it was shot on something like 8 milometer film.

Here is Camilla d'Errico at her Comic-Con booth.
For more stills from the movie, go to my Facebook page.

Birds of  Play at their modeling shoot.

The spectacular Billy Martinez of Neko Press Comics, and one hell of a live painter. Check out how the light catches his necklace.
Realistic? No, but I didn't want this to be another boring old You Tube video from Comic-Con. I wanted this stuff to look hot.

Batton Lash at his booth for Exhibit A Press. Another case in point. The light above him looked pretty average, so I decided to rev it up a little, as if JJ Abrams was directing.

Here's Constance Hall from Monsterman, as I work on her interview footage. I interviewed her for another project, which is not a part of this documentary, but I just loved this shot. 

The movie should be out soon. Stay tuned.

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Girl In The Window: Ray  by Christopher Moonlight

Girl In The Window: Angela by Christopher Moonlight

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